Chronicling a Love Affair with Canadian Theatre

Lars Eidinger, center, as Hamlet in Thomas Ostermeier’s production, now at BAM’s Harvey Theater in Brooklyn.

(Image: New YorkTimes)

Gimme A Break!

This review in the New York Times made me want to open a vein and slide into a warm tub.

Why on earth do people like director Thomas Ostermeier insist on grafting their gawdawful “visions” onto Shakespeare, instead of creating their own works that would illuminate their brilliant insights into the human condition?

There’s a simple answer. If they did that, no one would pay any attention. And if they did, they’d realize that the Ostermeiers of this world have s**t for brains. But strap on an appropriately transgressive metaphorical dildo and violate the work of The Bard and the New York Times will take you seriously.

Having read the effusive PR from Shaw and Stratford about their 2023 seasons, I fear that the disease of “Regietheater” (director’s theatre) that has long polluted European stages, is finding its way to Canada.

Why is it that the Poutine Curtain prevents Canadian culture from penetrating outwards, but does not protect Canada from foreign pollutants?

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