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The 2023 Guide to Stratford and the Stratford Festival

After a Covid-induced hiatus, I have resurrected my annual Guide to Stratford Ontario and the Stratford Festival, completely updated for 2023. It is now available in e-book format on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

The guide began as a labour of love, created in the hope that I might be able to lure some of my fellow Americans to Stratford.  Many of them are ignorant of the cultural riches that lie north of the Poutine Curtain, as was I until a Canadian acquaintance tipped me off to Slings and Arrows, the great Canadian television series from the early aughts that has since gone on to bcome a cult favourite in American theatrical circles.

I have been told that the guide has also proved useful to Canadians planning a trip to see the Festival. Those who have recently moved to Stratford find the secti0n on self-catering especially helpful.

Previous editions enjoyed a readership in the high single digits and I am guardedly optimistic that the new edition might match or even exceed those numbers.

It’s priced at a mere $2.99 US and if you are signed up for Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free. Simply follow this link.

Also available on Kindle Unlimited is The Stratford Festival 2022: The Complete Reviews, which collects my reviews of all the shows in the 2022 season and spares you the incredibly onerous task of searching them out on this website. You’re welcome.

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