Chronicling a Love Affair with Canadian Theatre

Want To Become A Canadian Citizen?

Well join the club. I know a lot of Americans who would love to become a Canadian citizen. The same holds true for folks from a lot of other countries.

But if you’ve given any thought to what it takes to move to Canada you probably know that it’s not all that easy.

Of course if you are a gazillionaire it’s relatively easy to be come a Canadian citizen. Just ask the ultra-wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs who have fled the restrictions of their native land for Vancouver and environs.

Now, a young woman who hails from Jamaica and uses the single name Kristina has suggested another way to become a Canadian citizen. Go to school here!

In From Foreign Student To Canadian Citizen, she tells of her strategy that allowed her to become a Canadian citizen while all the time living in Canada.

It’s a strategy that will appeal mostly to the young, not to mention those with the wherewithal to afford tuition. But as Kristina points out a single-year postgraduate course is all you need to put you on the road to Canadian citizenship.

Since my focus is on theatre and since I hold the acting talent here in Ontario is such high esteem, I think Kristina’s strategy holds immense promise for young Americans seeking a career on what Rodgers and Hammerstein immortalized as “the wicked stage.” What better way to become a Canadian citizen than to attend drama school in Canada – the country has some exceptional ones! – become a crackerjack thespian, land a few roles (with a post-graduate work permit), and start to put down roots! You might even be lucky enough to work at the Stratford Festival.

I suppose there’s nothing to stop older folks from going back to school, either to learn something new or get an advanced degree in a field in which they are already working. Who knows? Maybe I could take a course in theatre criticism and learn how to make my reviews more better.

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