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Have Pot, Will Cook: Cannabis Cooking at Stratford Chefs School

Shakespeare isn’t the only thing in Stratford that can transport you to another time and place.

Now that cannabis (a.k.a. pot, grass, weed) is legal in Canada, some visitors may be tempted to visit one of a number of perfectly legal cannabis stores in Stratford.

I have enjoyed an entire lifetime’s worth of indulging in the stuff, but I finished that task more than 40 years ago, so I cannot provide any guidance as to what to look for in these emporia.

However, I can report that the Stratford Chefs School has jumped on the cannabis bandwagon with a class on cooking with cannabis that should appeal to the home chef. In fact, it may make a home chef of some folks!

The class promises to “teach you how to create delicious, perfectly dosed marijuana edible recipes in your home kitchen! You will learn how to include the correct cannabis oil breakdown, decarboxylation, the benefits of infused butter versus oil, purification techniques, how to store your infusion, and how to make cannabis calculations when cooking.”

Among the things they will be whipping up are chimichurri, hollandaise sauce, and, yes, brownies.

This is a one-off event, so mark your calendar now:

Saturday, October 4, from 1 to 4pm

The cost of the class is $70 plus tax.

Downer alert: The fine print notes that “These recipes have been developed using infused products, however, in accordance with current legislation, the dishes cooked and tasted during class will NOT use cannabis-infused ingredients.” Way to harsh my mellow, man.

More information here.

(Image: Stratford Chefs School)

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