Chronicling a Love Affair with Canadian Theatre


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Here For Now Theatre has announced new digs for its 2023 season – a canopy on the grounds of the Stratford Perth Museum on the western fringe of Stratford.

It’s a return to the roots of this plucky little troupe, now entering its fourth season. The first two Here For Now Theatre seasons were produced under a canopy in the backyard of the Bruce Hotel. The Museum strikes me as an ideal location for Here For Now. Perhaps this will become their semi-permanent home?

The season will run from June to September and comprise seven one-act plays, four of which will be world premieres. Stratford veterans Jessica B Hill and Steve Ross will be among the featured players. A full announcement is promised for March first.

Here For Now Theatre has established an enviable reputation for presenting powerful theatre, including last season’s gut-wrenching Girls & Boys, which transferred to the Crow’s Theatre in Toronto.

Perhaps taking a cue from the Stratford Festival, the 2023 season will have a theme –Mercy – which Here For Now explicates as “the importance of recognizing that we are all imperfect beings in the messiness of life and examining how we can work towards being gentler with each other and ourselves.”

Amen to that!

(Image: Stratford Perth Museum)

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