Chronicling a Love Affair with Canadian Theatre
death and the king's horseman

Death and the King’s Horseman at the Stratford Festival A Review

Death and the King’s Horseman at Stratford Wole Soyinka’s poetic and elegiac play, Death and the King’s Horseman, widely considered the masterpiece of this Nigerian Nobel Laureate in Literature, packs quite an emotional wallop. Director Tawiah M’Carthy mounted this play just two years ago at Soulpepper in Toronto with a

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the miser

The Miser At The Stratford Festival – A Review

The Miser at the Stratford Festival Intermittent hilarity and a bravura central performance manage to salvage the Stratford Festival’s uneven production of Moliere’s The Miser, one in which high comedy style at times verges on desperation. In Ranjit Bolt’s new version of the 1668 comedy, the miser Harpagon becomes despicable

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Spit At Here For Now Theatre – A Review

(Image: Here For Now Theatre) Spit at Here For Now Theatre Here For Now Theatre continues its admirable run of plays by and about women with Irish playwright Noelle Brown’s brief (just an hour) but powerful Spit, which with admirable economy lays bare the shame of Ireland’s infamous Mother and

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just to get married

Just To Get Married at the Shaw Festival – A Review

(Image: Shaw Festival) Just To Get Married at the Shaw Festival One of the hallmarks of Jackie Maxwell’s tenure as Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival was the revival of forgotten comedies from the “mandate period” (Shaw’s lengthy lifespan), and they proved to be some of the most enjoyable plays

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the doctor's dilemma

The Doctor’s Dilemma At The Shaw Festival – A Review

(Image: The Shaw Festival) The Doctor’s Dilemma at the Shaw Festival There’s a bit of bait and switch going on at the Shaw Festival. Since I’d never seen George Bernard Shaw’s The Doctor’s Dilemma, I looked forward to the Shaw’s production, helmed by Diana Donnelly. I still haven’t seen George

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gem of the ocean

Gem Of The Ocean at the Shaw Festival – A Review

(Image: Shaw Festival) Gem Of The Ocean at the Shaw Festival August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean, the first installment in his ten-play “Century Cycle” (although the ninth to be written), is receiving a powerful, even explosive production in the intimate confines of the Shaw Festival’s Jackie Maxwell Studio Theatre

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craving for travel

Craving For Travel Off Broadway: A Review

Craving For Travel Off Broadway There are plenty of laughs for everyone in Craving For Travel, the delightful comedy at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on New York’s Theater Row, but travel agents will take special delight in the savvy inside jokes that lay bare the hidden aspects of the

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william shakespeare

Richard III and Twelfth Night on Broadway: A Review

Richard III and Twelfth Night on Broadway At the Belasco Theatre, New Yorkers are being treated to an all-too-rare opportunity to see William Shakespeare’s Richard III and Twelfth Night performed under the “original practices” rubric favored at the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London. All costumes are authentically Elizabethan, meaning no

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The Nance On Broadway, A Review

The Nance On Broadway Broadway used to be awash in larger than life comic talent – Danny Kaye, Phil Silvers, Zero Mostel, the list goes on. Today we have Nathan Lane in The Nance on Broadway and we should be grateful we do. Mr. Lane’s considerable talents are being lavished

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one man two guvnors

One Man, Two Guvnors on Broadway, A Review

One Man, Two Guvnors One Man, Two Guvnors, currently packing them in at the Music Box, is billed as “based on” The Servant of Two Masters by Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni. But this show, fresh from a sold out run at London’s National Theatre, is not so much an adaptation of Goldoni’s

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Jerusalem on Broadway, a Review

Rylance is an actor of astonishing idiosyncrasy, as anyone who saw him in Boeing, Boeing, or La Bete, or as Richard II at the Globe will readily appreciate. Rylance’s hallmark is making choices no other actor would dream of and, improbably, making them work beautifully. Ironically his larger than life Rooster Byron is his most straightforward interpretation in years. Mark Rylance quite simply is Rooster Byron. His embodiment is so complete that it leaves no room for reinterpretation. It is hard to imagine the play being mounted without him.

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List of Sites that Review Theatre in Ontario Canada

List of Sites that Review Theatre in Ontario Canada You don’t have to take my word for it. I often find myself in a minority when it comes to opinions on plays and films, for reasons that are more fully explained on the About This Site page. It’s a phenomenon

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toward beauty

Toward Beauty – A Book Review

Toward Beauty Book Review I’ve been a fan of Dennis Garnhum ever since I saw his masterful take on A Christmas Carol at the Grand Theatre in 2017. I even had a chance to chat with him briefly when he was workshopping Grow at Goodspeed in Connecticut. So when I

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become a canadian citizen

Want To Become A Canadian Citizen?

Want To Become A Canadian Citizen? Well join the club. I know a lot of Americans who would love to become a Canadian citizen. The same holds true for folks from a lot of other countries. But if you’ve given any thought to what it takes to move to Canada

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i am william

The Season I Missed (1) – I Am William

I Am William At The Stratford Festival [I was unable to attend the Stratford Festival’s truncated 2021 season because the border was closed to “non-essential travel” during the pandemic. However, the plays presented that season were filmed and are currently available on [email protected], the Festival’s very own streaming service. This

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Rain Vs. Shark

I recently took in two British imports at Mirvish theatres, Singin’ In The Rain and The Shark Is Broken. I was intrigued to note that my reactions to both shows were somewhat at odds with those of the reviewers for the major papers. Singin’ In The Rain received generally positive

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