Chronicling a Love Affair with Canadian Theatre
take care

Take Care At Here For Now Theatre – A Review

(Image: Here For Now Theatre) Take Care At Here For Now Take Care by Ellen Denny, now at Here For Now Theatre, strikes me as an earnest effort to depict a woman at a crisis point in her life. But a game cast and some deft direction failed to make

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wingfield farms

Wingfield’s Inferno At Stratford Perth Museum – A Review

(Image: Huron Perth Museum) Wingfield’s Inferno At Huron Perth Museum Read and weep. The entire run of Wingfield Farms: The Complete Works starring Rod Beattie is sold out (deservedly so) and has been for quite some time. I was fortunate enough to catch Wingfield’s Inferno, the penultimate installment of the

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girls & boys

Girls & Boys At Here For Now Theatre – A Review

(Image: Here For Now Theatre) Girls & Boys At Here For Now Theatre Girls & Boys is the deceptively benign title of the most powerful play you are likely to see this season, or any other season for that matter. What’s more, this solo piece is graced with one of

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every day she rose program

Every Day She Rose At Here For Now Theatre – A Review

(Image: Here For Now Theatre) Every Day She Rose At Here For Now Theatre If you can’t decrypt the acronym 2SLGBTQIAA+ then Every Day She Rose may not be the play for you. If, however, you have even a passing interest in the kaleidoscopic changes in sexual and identity politics

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it runs in the family

It Runs In The Family At Drayton – A Review

(Image: Drayton Entertainment) It Runs In The Family At Drayton Tired of all that high-brow nonsense at Stratford and Shaw? Then fire up the family car, point it west, and head for the Huron Country Playhouse outside Grand Bend, the largest of Drayton Entertainment’s venues. Check your critical faculties at

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virginia woolf

Virginia Woolf at Arena Stage, Washington, DC

What the play has going for it, of course, are its protagonists, George and Martha, who let us wallow in the voyeuristic schadenfreude of watching a relationship far more dysfunctional than any of ours could possibly be. Albee certainly knew how to create powerful moments. It is also an opportunity for first-rate actors (if you’re lucky enough to have them) to pull out all the stops and really chew the scenery.

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la bete

La Bete on Broadway, a Review

Written in rhyming couplets in the manner of Moliere, set in Moliere’s France, and dealing with the sort of cultural hypocrisies that were Moliere’s bread and butter, Hirson’s play seems uncannily of the moment nearly twenty years on, with much to tell us about the current debased state of our entertainment culture. (Are you reading this Snooki?) Perhaps that is the definition of great dramatic art.

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Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ at Bellagio in Las Vegas – A Review

Cirque du Soleil’s “O” is one of the many well known shows on the Las Vegas Strip produced by the French Cirque Du Soleil production company. This show has been described as intense, otherworldly, and ethereal.

Like some other Cirque Du Soleil shows, O Las Vegas has lots of diving, synchronized swimming, and water based performances. Bellagio’s “O” continues to be one of the Strip’s best selling shows and one of the most unique experiences in the city of Las Vegas.

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Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Ka’ at MGM Grand in Las Vegas – A Review

Ka is another fantastic production by the famous Cirque du Soleil acrobatic company. With an ongoing performance at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on the south Strip, audiences are treated to a true spectacle of art at Ka.

This show expertly combines martial arts, puppetry and acrobatics into a thrilling performance for all. Ka’s elements are a masterpiece that tell the story of Imperial Twins who are separated by an attack on their palace.

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the lion king

The Lion King on Broadway, A Review

“The Lion King” tells the tale of a murdered king, his feckless son, and a usurping uncle. Shades of Shakespeare! But this is a Disney production and the real source is a Disney animated film of the same name and anyone who says Disney stole the plot from a Japanese animated film is itchin’ for a fight. But that’s all beside the point. The wafer-thin and perfectly harmless story is just an excuse for a very enjoyable production.

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superior donuts

Superior Donuts On Broadway, A Review

Arthur Przybyszewski (his unpronounceable name is a running gag) is an aging and lonely child of the sixties running his fading family donut shop in an iffy neighborhood of Chicago. Via rather awkward, to-the-audience, interior monologues, we learn he carries a burden of guilt over long ago decisions and his dead father’s disdain.

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List of Sites that Review Theatre in Ontario Canada

List of Sites that Review Theatre in Ontario Canada You don’t have to take my word for it. I often find myself in a minority when it comes to opinions on plays and films, for reasons that are more fully explained on the About This Site page. It’s a phenomenon

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Stratford Announces 2023 Season

Stratford Announces 2023 Season Somewhat later than used to be the case, the Stratford Festival has announced its 2023 season, with four plays by The Bard. Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino likes to build each season around a central theme. Reflecting on the toll taken by the recent pandemic and the

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Shaw Announces 2023 Season

Shaw Announces 2023 Season The Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, has announced an ambitious 17-play 2023 season and it looks promising. The Shaw’s 2023 season will kick off with a two-part, six-hour updating of the Sanskrit epic The Mahabarata, featuring an all South Asian cast. It will run for just

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blyth long wharf

Long Wharf Theatre, Meet The Blyth Festival

(Image: Monica Silvestre) Long Wharf Theatre, Meet The Blyth Festival Jesse Green’s recent article in the New York Times about ending racism in theatre kicks off with a discussion of changes at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theatre  If you are not up to speed on Long Wharf’s current situation, Green’s

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mamma mia

Mamma Mia! Returns To Drayton

(Image: Drayton Entertainment) Mamma Mia! Returns To Drayton Good news for Mamma Mia! fans. Drayton Entertainment is bringing back its sold-out summer hit to the St Jacobs Playhouse for a limited run, November 1 to 20, 2022. Whether you have seen every iteration of this quintessential juke box musical or,

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drayton entertainment

Why Drayton Is Important

Why Drayton Is Important I had been coming to Canada for several years, sampling the theatrical riches of the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, before I discovered the Blyth Festival and added it to my theatre-going repertoire. It was several more years before I discovered the archipelago of theatres operated by

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shakespeare on stage

Shakespeare On Stage Book Launch

Shakespeare On Stage This evening (June 15), I will be attending the book launch for Shakespeare On Stage and Off, a collection of essays on the Bard, at the Stratford Festival’s Meighen Forum in the new Tom Patterson Theatre. So curiosity took me to the book’s Amazon page where the

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